Today there are many PMS being offered on web, some are comprehensive some basic but when it comes to cloud and SaaS system, one of the biggest fears for a hotel operator is downtime at the PMS, and when the entire system relies on the Internet, this fear hits an all time high.

However, unless system has good redundancy, a cloud-based PMS is no different than a hardwired system, with mycloud our primary concern has been to address this issue, we have inbuilt performance management tools and more redundant layers so availability is much higher that help hotels to get access to critical MIS information related  to reservations, checkins, checkouts and night audit reports if their internet goes down. Operational data is mailed to each hotel after night audit so incase of breakdown they can refer to these  reports and continue with operations.

Another  big worry is ownership of data on cloud,mycloud allows Hotels to download their complete data backups in readable format whenever they want, system also comes with SLA (Service level agreement)for disaster recovery and business continuity, with mycloud we have invested a lot into ensuring our solutions are secure, infact even more secure than a hotel operator could maintain of his own.

The solution being cloud based, it is scalable, serving everyone from small Inns, bed & breakfast, hotels, service apartments and resorts to branded-chain operators. mycloud is a cost-effective alternative to on-premises applications with zero capital expense. Hotels only need to subscribe to the bandwidth through a reliable Internet ISP and sign by choosing a plan they like. Solution allows hospitality companies to spend more time serving their customers, and less time worrying about software and hardware issues.

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mycloud is developed and promoted by Prologic First– a hospitality technology innovator and a leading international hospitality IT solutions provider.Prologic First is a group of companies that develops and internationally markets integrated software solutions for the hospitality sector. Prologic First software solutions are in use at more than 1300 sites in 35 countries. Professionals formed Prologic First more than a decade ago with extensive experience in developing and deploying hotel IT solutions. For more information visit

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