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mycloud back office software is a unique hospitality back office system that complies with both the Uniform System of Hospitality Accounting and Statutory Reporting. It is web based and hence, can be deployed on-site, hosted at a chain data centre or can be used as a service. It is a rare integrated materials and financial accounting system and offers all that you can expect from a contemporary software.



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The Features

Regular Purchases
There is minimal manual effort when raising orders for regular items on suppliers. The requirement is automatically generated based on re-order policies and the order is drafted based on the most recent purchase terms or by looking up quotations.
Rate Contracts
Many items may be purchased against rate contracts. The most common example is the Chef’s Market List. Contracted rate catalogues are recorded in the system and may be reused indefinitely, as long as the contract is valid, to order items. Chef-specific Market List templates may be drafted & used to minimize manual inputs while placing an order.
Receiving materials, as per an approved order, requires negligible effort. Where the supplier deviates from the order, the effort is limited to entering the quantities received. Because Web Prol’IFIC Purchase Orders are comprehensive, no calculations are required at the time of receiving. mycloud back office does all the calculation. Of course, this is not the case when stock items are received without a Purchase Order.
It is common practice to book perishables received, directly to consumption. This correctly reflects costs and reduces human effort in tracking itemised consumption. Other items may be received into stores till requisitioned and issued. Periodic stock takes are done to reconcile stocks as per ledger with physical stocks.
F&B Costing
While the Inventory module tracks actual consumption, this module is designed to compare actual consumption with what should have been consumed, based on recipes and menu item sales. The module generates variance and menu engineering reports, in addition to the standard Food Cost Report.
Services Works Order
This module provides IT based workflow for the services works orders. Once ordered, the module may be used to record progress and process supplier’s progressive invoices till the order is fulfilled.
Sales / Debtors Ledger
As is the norm in hospitality businesses, invoicing is performed in modules like the PMS, POS, membership accounting or events & catering. Such invoices are imported into the Sales / Debtors Ledger.Additional invoices may also be posted in this module, along with the correct General Ledger Distribution.
Purchase / Creditors Ledger
The Receiving and Services Works Order modules of mycloud back office confirm delivery of products & services by suppliers, along with value of such receipts. This data can be used to post liabilities into the Purchase / Creditors Ledger. Additional supplier invoices may also be posted into the module, along with the correct General Ledger distribution and recoverable VAT / Tax information. Liabilities may be adjusted through Debit Notes or against Advance paid to supplier. Thereafter, the liability is tracked time fully paid for.
Membership Accounting
Intended for use by membership clubs, this module records members and assists in membership billing. Membership subscription may vary by membership type and optional services /packages opted for by the member. The module is integrated with modules like PMS, POS, Events & Catering, etc to provide a comprehensive club accounting solution.
Petty Cash Accounting
An innovative module that larger hotels, with many General Cashier transactions, will appreciate. It tracks cash paid out and cash received, posts settlements to the Debtors or Creditors Ledger as may be relevant and saves the cashier some effort by preparing the Cashier’s Scroll.
Bank Reconciliation
At the simplest, this module allows manual marking of bank receipt and bank payment transactions as confirmed by bank and, hence, reconciled. It enables tracking of unreconciled bank transactions and provides information about the clear balance in the bank. In order for third party applications and systems to function in harmony with mycloud PMS, numerous interfaces are available, connecting you and making your hotel operations simple.
General Ledger
The Chart of Accounts is set-up as per the Uniform System of Hospitality Accounting. For flexibility of analysis, unlimited sub-ledgers (please check on restrictions) and up to 5 grouping codes may be assigned to each account.
Financial Reporting
mycloud back office includes a user defined reports generator that aids in customization of the Operating Profit & Loss, to each user site, while complying with the structure as prescribed by the Uniform System of Hospitality Accounting. The Operating P&L may be prepared for each Department of the business, in addition to a covering / summary sheet.
VAT / Tax Reporting
mycloud is committed to providing accounting features as may be required to comply with the local statutory requirements in each country or region. In many (not all) cases, this includes reporting as specified by local laws. Please check with the level of compliance in your country.
3rd Party Interfaces
mycloud back office is an open system that enables and encourages use with 3rd party systems. Interfaces exist with a few PMS, POS, payroll, etc systems. Any 3rd party system can use the standard mycloud back office interfaces to interface with mycloud back office.

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We have used software from Prologic First for more than 15 years. We have also used leading 3rd party software. To us, Prologic First sets the standard for committed and responsive technical services.


We have a diversified hospitality business with more than 40 operating units that include hotels, clubs, event venues, fine dining and QSRs. We find Web Prol’IFIC to be the only enterprise software that can handle the back-office needs, of all our business lines, from a centrally hosted server using the retail broadband network.


The Benefits


    Independent hospitality units may install mycloud back office at their premises or may use it as a cloud service offered by mycloud.


    mycloud has leveraged the latest in software technology to include powerful new features in mycloud back office.


    Being a multi-property system, mycloud back office provides IT support for many chain functions.


    Vouchers are printed only on demand, supporting documents are scanned & attached with the relevant transaction, reports may be viewed on-screen or may be distributed electronically by email, historical records are cataloged & archived electronically and may be retrieved easily.


    mycloud back office is used for purchasing, inventory, F&B costing, back office accounting, and bank reconciliation. It is interfaced with multiple 3rd party systems including the leading PMS, POS, payroll and other sales invoicing and cost recognition systems.


    Except when used as an on-site system, mycloud back office reduces up-front investment in IT infrastructure. By enabling shared services, needing low cost data network, reducing manual inputs and through minimal use of paper, mycloud back office reduces the cost of operations.

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Hotels as small as 2 rooms property to 300 rooms city hotels. mycloud provides extreme amount of customization, and users can setup parameters to suit their hotel property operations.