mycloud hotel PMS achieves ZATCA compliance: hotels in KSA benefit from completely automated e-invoicing to tax authorities.

mycloud hospitality is pleased to announce the implementation of an e-invoicing interface to mycloud PMS for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). This new feature will allow hotels ins KSA using mycloud Property Management Solution to easily and efficiently submit invoices to the KSA tax authorities via a completely automated process. With the new e-invoicing interface, there is no need for users to download and upload files to the KSA tax website. The process is fully automated, making it quick and easy for mycloud's hotel customers to comply with local invoicing requirements.

The e-invoicing system (Fatoorah) was introduced by Saudi Arabia's Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) in two parts beginning in 2020. The second e-invoicing compliance deadline is quickly approaching now. This phase mandates integration of the taxpayer’s system with the ZATCA along with the transmission of e-invoices and e-notes and sharing them with ZATCA. This will be implemented by the ZATCA notifying the criteria for the resident taxpayers along with the effective date for them, the earliest being 1 January 2023.

All taxable individuals who are Saudi Arabian residents as well as businesses including hotels are subject to the new regulations, as are any third parties that send tax invoices on their behalf.

To meet these requirements, mycloud hospitality made their hotel management software in Saudi Arabia complaint for ZATCA. Meaning, hoteliers & restaurateurs (taxpayers) now need to generate electronic invoices with a QR code scanning which they can view the bill details right on their mobile phones.

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"We are excited to offer this new feature to our customers in KSA," said Deepak Chauhan, Vice President of Cloud Services at mycloud. "E-invoicing is becoming increasingly important as businesses look for ways to streamline their operations and reduce costs. We believe that our new e-invoicing interface will be a valuable tool for our customers in KSA, helping them be compliant with the government requirements as well as efficiently manage their invoicing and tax compliance."

Adding to the advantage, mycloud Hospitality has always been a pioneer in understanding the market demands and evolving solutions accordingly. Their ZATCA-compliant hotel PMS software:

  • Directly generates and saves ZATCA-compliant e-invoices
  • Offers one place to track down your hotel finances
  • Reduces administrative costs and errors
  • Offers quick processing and payment automation

mycloud is available to hospitality businesses around the world. To discover the multi-award-winning hospitality platform, visit or email

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