Every guest wants to interact with a hotel in a manner that is contactless, clear, immediate and non-verbal, more and more guests expect these types of convenience services. Introducing a new feature of mycloud, an all in one, contactless check-in and check-out, e-menu for hotels and restaurants. The web app gives staff the ability to connect directly with guests before, during, and after their stay.



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The Features

Menu Items with Pictures
Menu categories along with Menu Items with pictures are displayed.
F&B Liquor
Segregation by Food / Beverage / Liquor
Open Item Search
Free flow text search option to search for specific named Items
Extensive Search
You may set filter and get a list of Food Items on Food Types (Veg / Vegan / Sea Fish / Sweet Water Fish / Meat / Pork / Beef), Spice Level and Preparation Time
Menu Item Description
Menu Items may have a zoom view with more details, recipe, preparation, indicators of allergens, modifiers etc.
Pricing Option
Prices are shown for each menu item based on packaging (Large / Medium, Regular / Extra Large, Peg / Bottle, Glass / Bottle etc.)
eRegistration Cards, eFolios and Signature Capture
Easily manage complete registration process digitally, scan official id's and capture guest acceptance and signatures, store these digitally in a secure cloud environment.
Real-time Two-way Integration with Hotel PMS
Completely integrated with hotel operations, all transactions handled real-time.
Tracking and Handling of Special Requests
Let guests message the hotel and interact with operations and service team, capture guests feedback during stay.
Supports Payment Integration
Use multiple payment gateways to handle reservation advances, and final guest check-out billing.
Collect Guest Preferences, Passport/ID Capture
Additional fields during mobile check-in to capture critical information related to guest stay, complete the capture, scan and verification of guest Id.

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I am able to attract and improve revenues because of complete automation and integrated e-distribution. The system is able to create accurate forecasts which result is us being able to better manage guest expectations. I strongly recommend mycloud to hotels that work across different platforms and multiple locations.

  • Moses Barnabas XVA Art Hotel

mycloud, property management system has been very helpful with managing and organizing our hotel operations. If I have have any questions, comments, or concerns, mycloud team is always willing to help me.

I always get a very quick response from them! Amazing support!

  • Audrey Stevens Legend of French Lick Resort

mycloud PMS runs at it bests to ensure smoothness of our front office department, also keeping accurate track record of statistics for the management team in order to make vital decision.

  • Alex Bressers BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartments

We travel a lot and want to be able to see how the occupancy is at anytime. We wanted a technology, which could connect our HO to property and also help us manage multiple properties. With mycloud adoption not only have we streamlined our operations but also seen a 20% jump in occupancy.

It has allowed us to, with the same amount of staff, grow our company and plan for future growth.

  • Nesar N-Hospitality

The Benefits

  • Easy Ordering

    Vibrant menu presentation, your menu on customers' smartphone, customers see your menu without any app. Customers can order directly without waiting for a waiter, recommendations can be offered according to ordered products.

  • Flexible Promotions

    Run multiple promotions, show different products and prices for different days and times, use attractive pictures for promotions.

  • Product Recommendations

    Recommendations can be offered according to ordered products, show preparation time, calorie information, and portion-wise prices. Show all product ingredients and modifiers.


    Scan and store pictures and official id's of each room occupant in a completely secure cloud environment, Look sup room details and billing information, complete bill details with multiple views.


    Completely secure, two way communication with hotel pms in real-time, accept payments and guest feedback.

  • Mobile Check-in

    Empower your hotel guests with a choice of service, mobile Check-in, and Mobile check-out without downloading any app. Guest can use their own device to manage the complete reservation.

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Hotels as small as 2 rooms property to 300 rooms city hotels. mycloud provides extreme amount of customization, and users can setup parameters to suit their hotel property operations.