Cloud based solution "mycloud hospitality" today announced its 2016 Christmas promotional offer, going live on 15 December, which will save new hotel clients 50% in fees for a two-year fixed term.

During the offer period (which finishes on 31 December), SME accommodation businesses will receive the 50% discount when signing up for any of the three mycloud subscription plans: Basic (£4 per room per month), Standard (£8 per room per month) and Premium (£12 per room per month). Additional benefits for this offer include zero sign up fee, two free training sessions and free premium support.

mycloud has been developed to provide a smart and integrated, yet simple-to-use, cloud based hospitality solution specifically designed for SME accommodation businesses - helping them maximise their profitability and optimise their revenue – with no initial capital expenditure required.

mycloud suits establishments with as few as two rooms up to 300 room city hotels and provides users with a huge amount of customisation to set up the system to suit their individual hotel's unique needs. For a mid-sized, 40 room hotel opting for the Premium plan, the savings will be almost £6,000. The mycloud Basic plan is an ideal solution for small hotels and those just getting started while the Premium plan provides many add-on benefits including an Account Manager, a 24/7 hotline and unlimited POS.

"It's still early days for us here in the UK but we have had some great businesses trialling mycloud and are receiving excellent feedback. We have taken our worldwide expertise and built a system that gives the independent hotelier what we believe is the best cloud based solution and with this offer, a compelling incentive to try it" explains Deepak Chauhan, responsible for marketing the mycloud platform in the UK. "We talk about wanting to be "trusted and loved" by our clients and what better opportunity for them to test us out than with this special offer." Chauhan also points out that all their plans can be accessed by a free 30 day trial.

mycloud is a property management solution (PMS) for managing all operations and has four key features:

  • 1. mycloud PMS: a web based front desk management software – for managing reservations, check-in and check-out, accessing guest histories and more
  • 2. mycloud POS (point of sale) – Billing from food and beverage and other non-room based transactions, offers a mobile App and full stack of reporting
  • 3. E-distribution optimizes online visibility, tracks and manages real time reservations from all online sources including third party booking sites (Expedia,, Agoda etc) and automates guest communications such as email confirmations.
  • 4. Social Listening: When you understand your guests and meet their expectations you can stay ahead of your competition. Our social tool collects your customer’s reviews from all sources and gives a detailed view of what people are talking about, helping you understand your customers needs.

Looking at the current trend in technology in the hospitality sector, cloud computing is considered to be the biggest disruptive technology and the game changer. mycloud provides an easy to learn, state of the art integrated solution to hotel management as well as providing an online presence at a much lower cost.

Chauhan concludes "It's not just about offering the most advanced technology solution, it's also our high level of service. With a low entry barrier, minimal infrastructure and running costs, we can reduce the time-to-market and enable our customers to generate maximum profitability and competitiveness in an incredibly short period of time."

Deepak Chauhan
Prologic First UK