mycloud Hospitality, an award-winning end-to-end hospitality solutions provider, announced a partnership with easyrewardz, a leading loyalty solution provider. The symbiotic relationship between the two technology providers will allow mycloud hospitality's hotel customers to build brand advocacy with an engaging and omnichannel loyalty program, and offer superior loyalty programs to their guests and better engage with them.

mycloud Hospitality is a well-known name in the hospitality industry because of its end-to-end hotel management system, which combines the power of a property management solution, a POS system, and a back office system into a single feature-rich platform. The software enables independent units and multiple reputed hotel chains across India and Southeast Asia to make more effective and profitable business decisions while providing a better guest experience.

The best part is that mycloud PMS is designed with hotel chains in mind to centrally manage the hotel management process across departments at chain properties, including the head office. With mycloud hotel management software, hoteliers can take care of the most important functions, including front-desk operations, reservations, channel management, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, and more across hotel chains from a single solution.

The leading end-to-end loyalty solution provider in India, Easyrewardz, offers cloud-based CRM, Loyalty, and Conversational Commerce solutions that are industry-neutral and promote seamless omnichannel customer experiences. Over time, they created a cloud-based CRM platform that integrates seamlessly with the client's transactional systems, making the process quick and profitable for both them and their clients. Over the last 10 years, Easyrewardz has seen exceptional growth as a CRM solution provider. From providing solutions only for the retail sector, Easyrewardz has expanded its domain expertise to being an end-to-end CLM & Loyalty solution provider.

"We understand that it takes a lot to turn the modern guests of this era into loyal and repeat customers. With the partnership with easyrewardz, we are looking at some great opportunities; our goal is to provide our clients with an exceptional online loyalty program provider that is secure, robust, and user-friendly that will help them better engage with guests and turn them into loyal repeat guests." Deepak Chauhan, Vice President of Cloud Services at mycloud, elaborated. "By working together, we enable our hotel clients to delight, engage, and reward their hotel guests, resulting in more loyal customers that bring increased bookings and higher revenue."

As a result of the partnership with easyrewardz, mycloud hospitality clients now have the ability to enhance guest communication. They stand to gain a lot from this integration because it enables hotels to;

  • Thrill customers with in-the-moment incentives
  • Offer loyalty benefits to every guest and convert them into repeat business
  • Utilize Single View of guests to monitor a visit history, preferences, and point or coupon redemption on a single dashboard.
  • By rewarding customers with personalized offers based on their purchase behavior and preferences, hotels can encourage repeat business and facilitate upselling.
  • By segmenting customers based on their behavior and eligibility for rewards, hotels can engage guests with highly targeted campaigns at scale and increase loyalty.
  • Establish exciting referral offers as a part of the loyalty program to strengthen the brand community and increase guest engagement.
  • The SaaS platform also supports efficient back-end services, making it ideal for chains looking to increase their marketing opportunities through loyalty programs.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that it offers cross-platform earn and burn opportunities which makes the loyalty program even more attractive.

Over the years mycloud hospitality has bagged multiple awards for its visionary and robust hotel management solutions. The solution provider offers multiple benefits to their hospitality clients including;

  • Hoteliers can cut capital expenses costs and generate deep-dive business insights while carefully controlling expenditure with tiered pricing and no upfront fees.
  • In less than four hours, the cloud-based PMS can be deployed and made operational.
  • Hoteliers can optimize their revenues, manage rates in real-time, and provide a seamless booking experience in addition to contactless check-in, check-out, and dining.
  • With the software's integrated e-distribution system, hotels and resorts can increase their online visibility.
  • Guests can interact with hotels via their mobile devices for everything from accessing digital menus to leaving feedback.
  • Management functionality for restaurants, bars, spas, gift shops, and all other chargeable services is provided by the mycloud POS.
  • The powerful PMS offers guest history analysis and an efficient way of working with travel companies and OTAs.
  • Now, the hotel PMS also provides a superior guest loyalty program.

The core of the mycloud offer has always been providing excellent customer service, which is why the collaboration with easyrewardz makes sense. The loyalty program provided by easyrewardz is exceptional in that it enables hoteliers to increase brand awareness, and memberships and drive repeat sales through points, coupons, and gift vouchers. Ultimately enticing guests to keep coming back for more.

The potential mycloud offers hoteliers to delight their guests is what makes it so interesting, especially in light of the easyrewardz partnership. Hoteliers can develop personalized loyalty programs that create opportunities for considerate upselling, helping them better understand and connect with their guests.

mycloud is available to hospitality businesses around the world. To discover the multi-award-winning hospitality platform, visit or email

This post was originally published on EIN Presswire