The role of innovative tech solutions within the hospitality sector has been growing for some years. Now, a creative new partnership between mycloud hospitality platform and BPP College has demonstrated what a core component of the industry such solutions have become.

mycloud is a platform designed for small and medium size independent hotels, chains, boutique hotels, guesthouses and motels. It delivers a complete, enterprise-level package that enables establishments to manage reservations, take bookings online, process check-ins and check-outs, collate guest feedback and access guest histories. The system also provides a tool for corporate/group bookings and travel agents, along with a channel manager to automate distribution to OTAs.

By using mycloud, hotels can attain competitive advantage, run their businesses effectively and optimize revenues. The system has enjoyed such success that London's BPP College has incorporated it into its hotel management syllabus. Ariane Lengyel, Programme Leader Hospitality and Event Management at BPP, comments:
"At BPP, mycloud is offered as a part of the curriculum. It is important for students to understand how to use a hotel property management system.

This is also key for future employers and enhances the student's employability skills. mycloud is especially relevant as it allows the students to use a cloud-based system and understand the implications a PMS system has on the management of a hotel. It also gives them the practical skills that they can apply when they gain employment in the hospitality industry.

We are very happy to be able to offer the use of mycloud to our final year hospitality management students. I would like to thank the mycloud team for making mycloud PMS part of our student journey."

The use of mycloud (which has already picked up a 'Best Use of Cloud Service' award), as part of the teaching syllabus demonstrates how reliant upon tech solutions the hospitality sector has become. The system incorporates an e-POS system for managing restaurants, bars, spas, gift shops and similar chargeable services, covering everything from ordering to billing, backed up by statistical reports. There's also an interface library with over 175 different interfaces, the ability to manage housekeeping services and accounts receivable functionality.

mycloud Vice President Deepak Chauhan comments:
"Today, technology is everywhere, entwined in almost every aspect of hotel operations. Many hospitality schools still follow the tradition of passive learning, but the use of hospitality technology is going to be an inevitable part of future courses. mycloud is the latest cloud-based solution, offering one of the most comprehensive hotel IT platforms. Being cloud-based, it ensures smooth functioning and the latest technology updates, which is helping teachers to expand beyond linear, text-based learning and prepare students for their future careers and the real world environment."

Students at BPP College are also learning about mycloud' unique 'social listening' tool, which monitors internet chatter about an establishment, then gives hoteliers access to what's being said about their business on Facebook, Twitter,, Yelp, TripAdvisor and other social media and travel review sites.

Prologic First - the team behind mycloud - has over 15 years' experience of developing tech solutions for the international hospitality industry. In that time, the team has seen hotel management and technology become ever more entwined. Now, the use of their pioneering mycloud platform as an educational tool marks a significant moment in the hotel sector's development. High tech solutions are no longer 'nice to have' - they have become a core component of what it takes to run an efficient and successful hotel.

mycloud is available around the world, including to hoteliers in the UK, USA, UAE, Philippines, Thailand, India and Singapore.